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Water Day Resources For Schools

Consolidation lesson plans following your day out on the river

River Wildlife Lesson Plan

The following lesson plans are currently under construction and should be here by the end of the week

Water Conservation and SUDs Lesson Plan

Sea Level Rise Lesson Plan

Other useful classroom resources about river wildlife and water conservation
WWT River Rangers lesson and resource pa

This pack consolidates all of the work the children have learnt on Water Day, it is packed full of wonderful information and classroom resources including lessons on water as a precious resource, pollution from households, river features, protecting river wildlife and an introduction to SUDs sustainable drainage systems. 

2020-09-09 (3).png

Read this pack to learn all about biodiversity, adaptations, life cycles and food chains and the wide variety of habitats found in or next to canals and rivers

Canal & River Habitats Activity Sheets

Use these eight activity sheets to accompany the Canal & River Habitats Topic Pack. Complete them indoors preferably after a visit to a canal or river. Children can complete the sheets individually or in small groups.

All About Water Birds Fact File

Find out about the life cycles, habitats and feeding habits of our six most common water birds - mallard ducks, coots, herons, swans, moorhens and Canada geese.

All About Water Birds Teachers Notes

These teachers notes contain curriculum links and lesson planning ideas for using the All About Water Birds information pack.

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