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Environmental Offsetting


Environmental offsetting solutions - A cleaner future starts right here.


We plant trees in the UK at a scale that can be offset against your organisation’s CO2 emissions, paper usage, air pollution and/or tree-felling activities. This is all done through our verified offsetting service, which is validated by a third party supplier.

Graduate Planet CIC is working with Forest Carbon as part of its programme to invest fees into UK based sustainability activities. Forest Carbon are the UK's leading developer of new woodlands designed for mitigating business carbon footprints through the issuing of carbon credits.


The projects involved are woodlands - 5 acres to 500 acres - as opposed to individual tree-planting, and this offers large scale co-benefits to society, including habitat creation, flood management, cleaner air and rivers, and economic contribution. Projects are all certified under the UK government backed Woodland Carbon Code, providing both quality assurance and complete transparency over ownership of carbon credits.


Working with Forest Carbon in this way enables our fee contributions to go further due to the economies of scale achieved by larger projects, makes it possible for us to invest in projects around the UK, and also means we can pass on the carbon credits that arise from the new woodlands to our clients for their carbon footprints.

Scroll down to find out more about offsetting your carbon, paper, and tree felling activities.

Carbon offsetting

Harmful CO2 emissions are contributing to global warming.  In March 2016, NASA revealed that, globally, February 2016 was the hottest month on record. Offsetting your business’s carbon emissions shows that you’re an environmentally responsible and sustainable organisation, which can bring excellent business benefits.

Our audited tree-planting services offer a viable platform to achieve carbon offsetting, as trees naturally sequester relatively large amounts of CO2. Offsetting is based on the amount of CO2 that a tree will sequester over its lifetime, with a minimum lifetime of 100 years.

By providing our tree-planting services in urban areas, we can offer companies the chance to mitigate their emission in densely-populated areas of high pollution.

Paper offsetting

Trees are usually felled for paper production between the ages of 25 and 40 years.  These trees don’t live long enough to deliver the majority of their potential benefits to society.

The process of recycling paper is not 100% sustainable, as paper can only be recycled a maximum of 5-7 times. While we encourage companies to recycle, as well as using recycled and sustainably sourced paper, a responsible employer should still offset their paper usage.

Our audited tree-planting services can offer companies a sustainable way to offset their paper usage. Offsetting is based on the number of sheets of paper that the felled tree will produce over its lifetime, with a minimum lifetime of 100 years.

Tree replacement

Trees are felled for the production of many products – some companies even fell trees directly for their own operations. Felling trees at a premature age stops them from being able to contribute all of their benefits to society and the planet.

Our audited tree-planting services can offer companies a sustainable solution to offsetting their tree felling. We replace the number of trees that are felled with enough so that the same number will reach full maturity (100 years) – taking tree survival rate into account.

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