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Our aims

At Graduate Planet, our recruitment is driven by a desire to do good.

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Our Aims

Your people, your planet, and you.

Our primary aim is to protect the planet and create long term environmental sustainability.

We aim to achieve this by educating the next generation on sustainability issues and solutions, inspiring them to take action and pursue careers within environmental sustainability.


We aim to plant as many trees and areas of rich biodiversity as possible to reintroduce wildlife corridors across the UK. 

We aim to create an awareness of environmental sustainability solutions within both businesses and the local community.  We do this by providing corporate and community volunteers with the opportunity to get involved and take positive action.


We aim to support teachers, schools, and educational charities in the process.

We aim to provide a quality-driven recruitment service that enables organisations to find the best candidates in the marketplace.

We aim to support value-led individuals and organisations to be able to carry out their work effectively. 


We aim to actively support young people and disadvantaged individuals to develop long-term careers.

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