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Our Projects

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Delivering measurable social and environmental impact within the community and the environment.

School Sustainability Programme

Providing an engaging education in environmental sustainability by working with local schools. We provide creative outdoor experiences that inspire, educate, and nurture a respect for the natural environment.

Encouraging children to understand the world around them, igniting their curiosity, and broadening their career opportunities.

Taking children on day trips where they will discover more about forestry, biodiversity, energy, food, water, waste, and sustainable cities.


Visits include the solar and wind farms to learn about renewable energy, water and river workshops to learn about water conservation, tree planting and biodiversity workshops to encourage wildlife and a connection to nature.  We also take £5k worth of Lego, generously donated by Wates Construction into schools for the children to build giant sustainable cities of the future .

The programme has been designed to support the national curriculum whilst delivering a much needed education in climate change solutions.

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Action Station

We support people in the community to build areas of rich biodiversity. 


Educational spaces providing advice, inspiration and encouragement to local people to support wildlife and create biodiversity corridors throughout the town.

People are able to learn more about wildlife and wildlife habitats and watch the area grow and transform into a diverse ecosystem, all while in a highly-transited urban area.  

Children and people in the community can work together to help plant and maintain these areas. If you would like to get involved please get in touch 

Image by NeONBRAND
Free school lesson plans

We have created free lesson plans on sustainability in collaboration with Environmental Sustainability Masters students at Warwick University and experienced primary school teacher Nicola Higgins.


They support the national curriculm and provide education in climate change solutions.


They have generously been funded by Orbit Group, The Elizabeth Creek Trust and The GJW Turner Trust

Raising awareness, inspiring, empowering, and educating those involved.

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The Great Big Bug Hunt

The Great British Bug Hunt began as a 2020 COVID-19 project to support vulnerable people experiencing isolation and loneliness as a result of self-isolation.


We were able to give over 500 people nature boxes. These boxes contained 3 pollinator plants to plant in their gardens, along with a beautifully illustrated 48-page book illustrating how to identify and support creatures that visited their gardens.


This project also helped create long-term change in the community.

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