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Graduate Planet is delighted to have been offered a place on the PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club

PwC are taking action for social change by supporting social entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses that are good for the economy, people and planet. They offer an amazing PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club which has a membership of more than 250 social entrepreneurs across the UK. We are so delighted to be given this opportunity, it will be enormously helpful.

They draw on the broad skills and resources available within the firm and through their community partners such as the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprise UK, to provide a wide programme of support exclusively for members.

While incredibly rewarding, there can be many challenges in running a social enterprise - balancing social and financial priorities, meeting the expectations of a range of stakeholders and navigating change to name a few. The PwC Entrepreneurs Club offers a solid network of advisors and peers who’ve seen it before and have experience and expertise to share.

They currently offer a UK-wide network of Centres for Social Impact (CSIs), where they foster social innovation and impact measurement and share their knowledge to accelerate positive change across the UK. These can be found in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Norwich.

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