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Our Social ROI

Graduate Planet ensures a strong social Return on Investment for all its activities.

The key ways we measure our impact are driven by the environmental, social and economic returns that we deliver.


Graduate Planet has been specifically designed to improve environmental sustainability and alter attitudes towards the environment by inspiring, enabling and funding environmental sustainability solutions.


Key initiatives are carbon consumption, tree & conservation planting, recycling & renewable energy support.


Tree and conservation planting significantly reduces CO2 levels, improving both biodiversity and soil structure. Our work focuses on planting trees and greening community spaces where the social and environmental impact on local people is greatest.

Social & Educational 

We support organisations in tackling their recruitment issues, reducing the need for regular recruitment campaigns; saving both time and money.


We help to develop people's career opportunities, increasing their effectiveness and efficiency.


Our support of the natural environment benefits communities, charities, employees and future generations. Graduate Planet’s sustainability projects offer a wealth of educational opportunities and our educational programmes directly benefit schools colleges and university groups. 


Graduate Planet generates funds through recruitment services, grants and corporate sponsorship.


Our tree planting projects offer the charities an added form of income in terms of the outdoor space created which can house workshops for school, corporate or community groups.


Our recycling facilities cut waste expenditure and our investment in renewable energy offers both employment and financial development opportunities.

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