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Solutions For The Planet

Solutions for the Planet is a social enterprise, working with businesses, schools and communities to promote education for sustainable development, social enterprise, and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers for young people.

They encourage young people to come up with innovative, sustainable and entrepreneurial solutions to environmental and societal problems.


Their projects;

  • Inspire young people to consider education, training and career routes in STEM and the green economy

  • Support creativity and innovation in the delivery of education for sustainable development in schools, communities and business

  • Enable cross-sector partnerships with business for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

They deliver dynamic education programmes, working closely with secondary schools and businesses in the energy, waste, manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors.  Enabling students to come up with, and implement, a Big Idea that will improve our society or the environment.


Solutions for the Planet motivates young people to learn about science, technology, engineering, maths and sustainability issues.


Entrepreneurship, teamwork, business planning and presentation skills are central to their programmes.

By working in teams the students carry out fun hands-on design & build projects that they will remember. Solving sustainability energy issues whilst developing creative thinking, time management, team work, problem-solving skills, enterprise, personal and social skills.

These projects support the National Curriculum, meets schools requirements for achieving Specialist status in STEM and raises performance standards.

All of these projects are adaptable depending on the clients preferences and we try to combine it with tree planting in the school where we can.


Corporate volunteers are welcome and can, if willing, assist students in practical activities and give their insights.

You can visit their website here to see some of their work

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Chemistry Students
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