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Biodviersity Day

The children will visit areas of biodiversity that have been left or developed to provide a natural habitat for rare and endangered species bats, birds, insects and small mammals.

Here they will have the opportunity to develop a love of nature and a respect for biodiversity including …

  • What is an ecosystem?

  • How do living organisms interact?

  • Why is it important to maintain biodiversity?

  • How does climate change and deforestation affect biodiversity?


Based on Natural England's research, there is evidence that a connection to nature is associated with certain wellbeing, educational outcomes and pro-environmental behaviours.suggestes that a connection to nature may be an important influence on other environmental behaviours, practices and beliefs. A variety of factors may have a role in the development of connection to nature including contact with the natural world, childhood experience, certain interventions, and socio-cultural status. 

Bee on a Daisy
Wild Flowers
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