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SPS International Team supporting local

Energy Day

Working in collaboration with the HECE – the UK’s largest community solar farm based just outside of Stratford, the children will visit the farm to get a better understanding of renewable energy opportunities. Here they will take part in an energy workshop to:

• Compare the efficiency of solar, wind and nuclear energy

• Measure and analyse domestic electrical use

• Start to learn about fuel cell technology

• Look at waste and pollution in electrical grids

• Understand the impacts of wasteful use of electricity

• Discover the benefits of conservation

• Plan solutions to waste electricity use

In the afternoon the Smallpeice Trust based in Leamington Spa, will deliver an environmental sustainability STEM workshop where the students will design and construct a wind turbine to produce the greatest amount of electricity.


They will produce a gearing system, design and construct turbine blades to maximise output and create a tower to carry the turbine. Developing their understanding of renewable energy and expanding their skills in circuits, electricity, forces and structures.

Graduate Planet CIC Environmental Sustai
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SPS International Team supporting local
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