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School Trip in Forest
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Evidence of Need

The programme addresses need that both the children and schools have for a more detailed education in environmental sustainability. All of the schools have expressed a need for support in this area due to the current national curriculum and each workshop is aligned to support schools in their delivery of years 3 to 5 curriculum.

The next generation need to be equipped with a greater understanding of the issues and potential solutions, by taking the children out of the school to interesting locations, they are more engaged, inspired and inclined to absorb information.

This is a very formative time in children’s lives when they need to be informed about potential career opportunities, many children lose faith in this area as they start secondary school due to a lack of information and inspiration available. The programme encourages the children to consider careers in the Energy, Transport, Construction, Environmental and CSR sectors.

The programme also addresses the populations need for practical  action through tree, greenspace and biodiversity planting reducing Co2 levels and improving the natural environment.

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