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Organic Carrots

Food Day

The children will be transported to Canalside Community Farm where they will enjoy a farm tour that engages children in the basics of food production, followed by activities that teach soil health and seasonal eating such as sowing seeds, discovering biodiversity, harvesting and composting depending on the season and weather.

They will attend a Grow-Cook-Eat workshop which is a cooking workshop facilitated by trained Cook Club tutors. The children will cook with vegetables they have harvested themselves and eat a healthy lunch together to encourage healthy eating, nurturing a connection with food from field to fork.

Learning elements;

What is a balanced diet, nutrients and food groups?

Where does food come from?

Living systems and processes in nature that help produce food.

Food chain and food web - The importance of a healthy ecosystem

How is a balanced ecosystem important for food production

Pros and Cons of Organic vs Conventional Farming

The problems of overpopulation and climate change on food

The importance of sustainable farming and alternative Farming techniques

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