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Outcomes & Impact

The programme will impact a broad range of people in the community, primarily the school children. Each school will be able to offer 420 children 7 different sustainable experiences.

  • Depending on whether each school choses to educate the same children or different ones, the programme will educate between 540 to 3780 children including a minimum of 150 SEN children

  • The Programme will provide local children with a better understanding of nature, the world, environmental issues and solutions and career opportunities.

  • It will also deliver inspiration, creativity, social skills and consolidation in Maths, Science and DT lessons.

  • We believe the children will convey their new found knowledge of sustainability and connection to nature to their parents and siblings.

  • The children will plant a minimum of 1080 trees and 1080 plants that encourage biodiversity which will reduce carbon emissions and increase insects and animals in the area, improving the local community and biodiversity levels.

  • 9 local schools will benefit from support in the delivery of their environmental sustainability and the national curriculum including ongoing indoor and outdoor classroom resources which can be used to teach other children in the school and subsequent year groups.

Impact Measurement

We will be measuring the programmes impact through questionnaires, open discussions and worksheets before, during and after each event to assess and review the data to ensure that the programme has:-

  • Delivered a memorable and impactful education in environmental sustainability

  • Developed the children’s understanding of and connection to nature

  • Inspired the children to consider a range of careers opportunities

  • Encouraged and developed the children’s imagination and problem solving skills

  • Reduced climate change and improved sustainability


We will be reporting the results in quarterly reports, on social media and the Graduate Planet website to illustrate the impact and to encourage other schools, businesses and cities/towns to emulate the programme. Graduate Planet staff are trained in impact measurement and delivery.

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