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Waste Day

​The children will visit the local Recycling Centre where they will learn the following

  • Reuse, Reduce and Recycling

  • Change in lifestyle – Zero Waste -  shops and lifestyles

  • Sustainable fashion

  • Alternatives to plastic

  • The education of parents and siblings

Working in collaboration with Alex Kapila Productions, the students will take part in an interactive drama production to illustrate the impact of waste and encourage them to develop big ideas and potential waste solutions. Here the children will learn about…

  • Plastic, Food, Paper, Hazardous Materials, Clothes and Large Household wastes

  • How much waste does the UK produce? What do people waste most?

  • Where does this waste go?

  • How do you get rid of waste? Open burning / landfills / recycling / composting

  • The problem of unsustainable waste management to the environment, specifically, land and water

Recycling with children.jpg
Composting Food Waste.jpg
Recycling Bottles
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