Stratford School Sustainability Programme

Working in collaboration with 9 Stratford-upon-Avon primary schools and 8 local charities to deliver an engaging education in environmental sustainability. 


We will be providing local children with creative outdoor experiences that inspire, educate and nurture a respect for the natural environment, encouraging children to understand the world around them, igniting their curiosity & broadening their career opportunities.

Each school will be able to take up to 420 children on exciting day trips to discover more about forestry, biodiversity, energy, food, water, waste and sustainable cities. Visits include the UK’s largest community solar farm, the recycling centre, Twycross Zoo nature reserve, planting trees in the Heart of England forest, cookery classes at an organic farm and building a giant Lego sustainable city. 

The programme has been designed to support the children's understanding in science, maths and DT and to extend the delivery of the national curriculum.

Energy Day

Working in collaboration with the HECE – the UK’s largest community solar farm just outside of Stratford, the children will visit the farm to get a better understanding of renewable energy opportunities and take part in a renewable energy workshop.

Forest Day

Working in collaboration with the Heart of England Forest, the children will be transported to the forest to plant trees and visit a mature to learn about the importance of trees and animals. This will encourage a connection with nature and a desire to protect and plant trees.

Water Day

The children will be transported to the nature reserve at Twycross Zoo, to take a journey through an inland water ecosystem. The wetlands are one of the most valuable, natural resources on the planet, important for water purification, rainwater storage and biomass production

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Food Day

The children will visit the Canalside Community Farm to see the basics of food production, soil health, seasonal eating and the importance of biodiversity. They will cook a delicious meal from the vegetables they have harvested themselves and eat a healthy lunch together encouraging healthy eating, nurturing a connection with food from field to fork.

Waste Day

Working in collaboration with Alex Kapila Productions, the children will visit a local recycling centre and take part in an interactive drama production to teach the children about the impact of waste and encourage them to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, changes in lifestyle, sustainable fashion and alternatives to plastic.


The children will visit natural habitats with the Forest of Hearts and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to discover rare and endangered species bats, birds, insects and small mammals and develop a love of nature. They will learn about biodiversity, ecosystems, climate change and deforestation.

Sustainable Cities

Working in collaboration with Coventry Climate Action Network, the children will design and build a giant Lego sustainable city to illustrate how a city should be designed from energy solutions, low carbon buildings, smart LED street lighting, tree lined streets, green walls, light rail, autonomous vehicles, electric and Hydrogen vehicle charging, recycling, waste to energy plants and future homes.

Career Opportunities

This is a very formative time in children’s lives, the programme will illustrate the range of environmental and sustainable career opportunities available to them. Educating and inspiring children in Energy, Transport, Environment, Sustainability and CSR careers.

Corporate Sponsorship

If you would like to support the Stratford School Sustainability Programme, we would really appreciate your help. 

Participating offers a range of benefits to your organisation from increased customer and employee engagement to measurable  social and environmental impact within the local community that improves your standing within the area.

Evidence of Need

Our research shows that the schools are keen to participate in the programme because this is a very formative time in the children’s lives, they need to be given the opportunity to understand environmental sustainability and sustainable career opportunities open to them

Ongoing Resources

The schools will be supplied with teaching resources, lesson plans and outdoor classroom equipment to help the children benefit from the physical, emotional & social benefits of connecting with nature. Each of the events will support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participating Schools

The programme will support 9 Stratford upon Avon schools, supporting years 3, 4 and 5 to develop a respect and understanding of the natural environment. The programme has the potential to reach up to 3780 students. Participating schools list is available here