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Supporting this education

As a business, trust or foundation there are several ways you can can help


  • Using our recruitment services means that you are automatically supporting all of the work that we do.

  • Providing funding for the workshops ensures that we can educate and support more children.

  • Provide materials or manpower for our workshops and projects, we are often looking for a whole range of support from construction to equipment and really welcome your time, effort and support.

The benefits your organisation can expect from supporting the next generation to understand climate change solutions;

  • The opportunity to create a greater awareness in your local area, improve your standing within the local community and create a positive engagement with your customers and employees.

  • You are able to demonstrate your commitment and support, you can shout about your impact via your website, social media, in the press and directly to your clients and employees creating greater trust and loyalty.

  • The chance to create measurable community and environmental impact in the world, improving long term environmental sustainability and a generation who are equipped to deal with real world problems.

St Gregorys Primary School Lego Sustainable City Workshop July 2022 2 .jpg
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SSSP Tree planting with schools at the H
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