Supporting the Programme

We are keen to work in collaboration with corporate sponsors to ensure the programme is achieved and there are a range of partnership opportunities to choose from. You may want to financially support a day that is particularly relevant to your industry such as the Sustainable Cities day for construction companies, Food day for food retailers and manufacturers etc. 

The benefits you receive from supporting the programme are threefold;

  • It offers you the opportunity to create a greater awareness in the area, improve your standing within the local community and create a positive engagement with your customers and employees.

  • The opportunity to demonstrate your commitment and support via your website, social media, in the press and directly to your clients and employees encouraging loyalty and be able to create new business opportunities.

  • The opportunity to create some very measurable social and environmental positive impact in the world, improving long term environmental sustainability and support local children with their understanding and career opportunities.

Support Packages

Support packages range from £1000 to fund one of the SSSP days, this includes the transport, entrance, educational workshops, insurance and staff 


The £10,000 package funds all 9 schools in a specific area such as forestry, biodiversity, energy, food, water, waste or sustainable cities. 

(Sustainable cities includes low carbon buildings, smart LED street lighting, tree lined streets, light rail and autonomous vehicles, electric and Hydrogen vehicle charging, recycling, waste to energy plants and future homes)

We welcome all contributions to ensure the success of the programme for the next generation, we have a dedicated marketing team to support you with press releases, digital marketing and community engagement. 


Please have a look at the following days to see which one is most aligned with your business and get in touch with Kate Evans on 07880 888501 or email 

Stratford School Sustainability Days

  • Forest day  The children will spend the day at Heart of England Forest to plant trees locally before visiting a mature woodland where they will learn about the importance of trees and animals, encouraged to learn what animals depend on trees, what trees need to grow, how trees produce oxygen and store carbon, how to identify tree varieties, learn about their lifecycle, the different uses of forests, the impacts of human activities, deforestation, afforestation, reforestation and open burning. This will encourage a connection with nature and a desire to protect and plant trees.


  • Biodiversity day  The children will visit a local natural habitat with the Forest of Hearts and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to discover rare and endangered species bats, birds, insects and small mammals where they can develop a love and respect for nature and biodiversity. They will learn about different ecosystems, how living organisms interact, why it’s important to maintain biodiversity, climate change and deforestation.


  • Energy day includes a trip to the UK's largest community solar farm HECE outside Stratford where the children will get a better understanding of Solar, Wind, heat source hydroelectric and nuclear power sources. In the afternoon the Smallpeice Trust will bring a renewable Energy STEM workshop into the school where the children will build mini wind turbines and solar technology.


  • Food day  The children will visit an organic farm to see the basics of food production, soil health, seasonal eating and importance of biodiversity. They will cook a delicious meal from the vegetables they’ve harvested themselves and eat a healthy lunch together. This will encourage healthy eating, nurturing a connection with food from field to fork.

  • Water day  The children will visit an wetlands habitat at Twycross Zoo, an inland water eco system demonstrating one of the most valuable, natural resources on the planet. This include workshops on the importance of clean water sources, where our water comes from and the problems water resources face.

  • Waste day  The children will visit the Council Recycling Centre to teach them and their families about Reuse, Reduce and Recycling, changes in lifestyle, sustainable fashion and alternatives to plastic. They will take part in an interactive drama production to illustrate the causes of waste which can also be developed into a school production.

  • Sustainable Cities day involves a giant Lego sustainable city workshop coming into the School to capture the children’s imagination, it will illustrate how a city could be designed including energy solutions, low carbon buildings, smart LED street lighting, tree lined streets, green spaces and walls for biodiversity, light rail and autonomous vehicles, electric and Hydrogen vehicle charging, recycling, waste to energy plants and future homes.