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The Smallpeice Trust

We work in partnership with the Smallpiece Trust to teach children about environmental sustainability. They are experts in creating really exciting learning environments for young people to develop incredible environmental ideas and solutions.


In doing so they prepare young people for the issues ahead, provide inspiration and help to create the next generation of Engineers, Sustainability experts, Innovators and CSR professionals​.


Smallpeice educators go into your local school to hold an Environmental Sustainability STEM Enrichment Day workshop for up to 60 students.

The children are asked to imagine they are on an island with no access to electricity or clean safe drinking water has until now been left inhabitable. This challenges students to think like engineers and come up with a way of using sustainable energy so that people can live there.

To do this, students must work together to design and construct a reservoir that can store as much rainwater as possible which can then be connected using a pump to a second reservoir closer to the village.


Students then design-and-build a free standing wind turbine that generates as much energy as possible for the village whilst spending as little as possible on the materials.

By working in teams the students carry out fun hands-on design & build projects that they will remember. Solving sustainability energy issues whilst developing creative thinking, time management, team work, problem-solving skills, enterprise, personal and social skills.

These projects support the National Curriculum, meets schools requirements for achieving Specialist status in STEM and raises performance standards.

Subjects covered include: circuits and electricity, renewable energy, structures and forces, water conservation, wind power and wind turbines.

All of these projects are adaptable depending on the clients preferences and we try to combine it with tree planting in the school where we can.


Corporate volunteers are welcome and can, if willing, assist students in practical activities such as soldering and give some insights into wind turbine design.

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