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Our Love Of Trees

Here at Graduate Planet we are deeply passionate about trees. We love planting them, being with them, supporting them. We are always looking for new ways to plant woods, forests and individual trees. There are so many different opportunities to do this, from Tree Sisters who are doing an incredible job of replanting the Amazon Rainforest to an amazing array of charities who are planting in the UK. In order to combat climate change in time we need to be planting 1 tree per person every year for the next 6 years so it's time to get busy if we are going to save this beautiful planet. 


We work with a lot of these charities, reinvesting the money we have generated through recruitment and received in donations into planting wherever and whenever we can. We would be delighted to give you advice on tree planting opportunities near you or teach you how to create your own planting project. 


Together we can make a difference.

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On 6 November 2017, on the 800th anniversary of the 1217 Charter of the Forest, the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People will be launched at Lincoln Castle – home to one of the two remaining 1217 Charters of the Forest. It will then rest in the Lincolnshire Archives.

Read it, live by it and show your support by signing it

Sign the Tree Charter 

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