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Biodiversity Workshops

An engaging education in environmental sustainability, achieved through fun outdoor experiences that inspire, educate, and nurture a love and respect for the natural environment.

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The Importance of Healthy Soil

The children learn about the importance of healthy soil and how it is the foundation to food chains. They go on to learn how compost is made and are encouraged to make their own at home using the secret recipe. 

Perfect Pollinators

The children take a tour of the Bug Farms courtesy of the Education team, and learn about the importance of pollinators and ways to support them.

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Food Chains Game

The children learn about biodiversity corridors and the importance of protecting urban pollinators. Dressing up as insects and animals and connected by strings they complete an exciting food chain exercise to understand how the whole process will break down without the pollinators.

Building Habitats

The children then take part in a habitats workshop where they build a bee hotel, a ladybird lodge or hoverfly lagoon to take home with them.

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Nature Treasure Hunt

After lunch the children read clues to follow a nature treasure hunt along the river, learning about the needs and behaviours of different wildlife in their natural habitats.

Designing a Nature Area

Finally the children visit a potential nature space in the town or city where they can apply what they’ve learnt during the day to create a brilliant urban ecosystem to support local wildlife.

Biodiversity Workshops July 2021 - St Gregs School - Photo purchased from the Herald
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Designs coming to Life

The children are encouraged to apply everything they have learned into their wonderful designs and given information on how they can personally take action at home and within community green spaces to increase biodiversity corridors

Planet Superstars

The outcome of these biodiversity workshops is an army of Planet Superstars who are galvanised into positive action. Measured impacts are:
An increased desire to take action to protect and support local wildlife x 4
Awareness of how to create healthy soils x 3
Understanding of what Pollinators do - 100%
Ways to support Pollinators - 100%
Awareness of why habitats are important x 3

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