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School Sustainability Programme

Working in collaboration with UK primary schools and local educational partners we deliver engaging and inspiring education in environmental sustainability to reduce climate change. We provide children with exciting educational trips that nurture their connection and understanding of the natural world, encouraging them to make behavioural changes to help solve climate change and broaden their career opportunities in the process.

Schools have the opportunity to take children on exciting day trips to learn about biodiversity, renewable energy, sustainable food production, water conservation and sustainable cities. Through visiting solar and wind farms, boating  on the river, exploring the great outdoors and building giant sustainable cities out of Lego the children are given the knowledge they need for their future.  


Working in collaboration with local wind and solar farms, the children visit the farm and take part in exciting activities to get a better understanding of what renewable energy is and how they can make behavioural changes both at home and at school to save energy. 

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The children spend the morning learning about the importance of water conservation before traveling  down the river accompanied by wildlife educators. Their journey through an inland water ecosystem teaches them how these are some of the most valuable, natural resources on the planet, essential for water purification, rainwater storage and biomass production.

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Recycling Workshops 

Working in collaboration with recycling facilities the children have the amazing opportunity to visit a real MRF recycling centre and take part in activities that teach them about the impact of waste, encouraging them to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Helping the next generation to make behavioural changes in terms of lifestyle, sustainable fashion and packaging.

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Food Workshops

The children visit a farm to see the basics of food production, soil health, seasonal eating and the importance of biodiversity. They cook a delicious meal from the fruit and vegetables they've harvested themselves and eat a healthy lunch together. Encouraging healthy eating, nurturing a connection with food from field to fork.

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Schools & Resources

This programme  has supported thousands of children in years 3, 4 and 5 to develop a respect and understanding of the natural environment. 

The schools also have access to teaching resources, lesson plans and  support in creating more environmentally friendly outdoor classrooms. A list of schools that have taken part can be found here.

schoolgirl is experimenting with a hydro

Career Opportunities

This is a very formative time in children’s lives, the programme will illustrate the range of environmental and sustainable career opportunities available to them. Educating and inspiring children in Energy, Transport, Environment, Sustainability and CSR careers.

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If you would like to support the this work, it will be hugely appreciated by the children, schools and environment.


Thanks to help from businesses, organisations, trusts and foundations this important work is possible.

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