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Water Conservation Workshops

The opportunity to learn how much water there is in the world, what a natural water source is and how to support wildlife and healthy river ecosystems. Brought to life through an exciting adventure traveling down the river in in search of flora, fauna, river features.

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Why we need to keep rivers clean

The day begins with fun lessons by the river with an Ecologist teaching the children about the world’s water, where it is, why it’s important, and how the water cycle affects animals, plants and humans.

 - Activity 1

Why water is so important for all living organisms and how it moves around the earth, looking at the water cycle. 



Water Availability - Activity 2

The children take part in activity 2 to get an understanding of how much of the water on Earth is safe to drink to get an appreciation of saving water.

The children think about how much water humans use, and learn about common water wasters and savers before making their own ‘water promise’.


Inspired by the ‘Stop and think, not down the sink’ campaign, The children learn about the causes and effects of water pollution, and simple things they can do at home to support water cycles.

Water Promise

They learn about the features of a river before making their own river and experiment with changing the flow rate and meander to improve the lives of animals, including humans. 

Water workshop river experiments.jpg

Activity 3

They learn to identify freshwater invertebrates - an essential element of a balanced river ecosystem that creates the basis of the food chains for larger animals along with pollinated plants, decomposing waste and recycling nutrients.

Water Pollution Activity 4

To describe the causes and effects of water pollution and overconsumption. 

Inspired by Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), the children learn how to mitigate water issues such as droughts, pollution and flooding.

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On the Water

Before taking to the water, the children discuss the rising sea levels, why it's happening, why it matters and how we can reduce it. 

Project Name

A fully qualified canoeing coach introduces the children boating including full safety measures before they head down the river.

Finally, the children experience the local river features and wildlife first-hand, and hopefully go home feeling inspired to protect and conserve the precious water and wildlife they’ve connected with.

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