We have a great track record of placing

Sustainability and corporate responsibility leaders to drive strategy and change

Engineers and Energy professionals working to create a low carbon economy

Graduate and Executive level professionals to take organisations to the next level  

From our midlands based offices we provide executive search and recruitment to connect forward thinking organisations and talented people in Sustainability, Corporate Affairs, Engineering, EHS and Energy roles. Our clients tend to include SME's and large organisations who want to make social, environmental, or cultural progress.

With over 20 years' experience in recruitment we are able to find qualified people quickly and effectively, with access to our database of over 30,000+ candidates, UK job boards and established industry networks we are able to solve your recruitment needs efficiently. 

We do not cost the earth, in more ways than one. Our very visual, measured social and environmental impact provides you with the opportunity to illustrate your commitment to positive change, which in turn creates greater customer and employee engagement.


Our values and commitment to environmental sustainability also mean that we attract a greater pool of candidates for your roles and a higher interview to offer and offer to acceptance ratio than most other agencies. 

Executive Search

Our in-depth knowledge and extensive network helps us find talented, influential leaders for innovative organisations. Our Executive Search offering is trusted by world-leading organisations, from NGOs to blue chips, to place leaders in roles that drive forward their agendas.

Nurturing Diversity

We beleive that companies with diverse teams and boards are more intelligent and innovative, yeilding higher levels of profitability. We are committed to supporting diversity, equality and inclusion as key stakeholders in the recruitment process.

Working together, we can help to solve climate change

As a Social Enterprise and a Community Interest Company our objective is to reduce climate change, we achieve this by educating the next generation in environmental sustainability solutions.

Currently we are delivering the following  4 environmental projects: 

School Sustainability Visits
Each school can take up to 420 children on exciting day trips to learn about forestry, biodiversity, energy, food, water, waste and what a sustainable city should look like. They visit a solar farm, a real MRF recycling centre, bell boating down the river with the Wildlife Trust to learn about water conservation, biodiversity and tree planting, they take part in cookery classes on a farm to learn about sustainable farming techniques and finally build a giant sustainable city out of Lego.
Action Station
Situated at Stratford upon Avon train station, we are in the process of building a biodiversity educational space, planted by local children. It will provide advice, inspiration and encouragement to local residents and visitors on how they can support wildlife in their own gardens and communities.
Free School Lesson Plans
Designed by teachers, schools have access to free environmental sustainability lesson plans, helping children to understand climate change issues, consolidating their learning from SSSP days and supporting teachers to deliver high quality sustainability lessons that also meet the needs of the curriculum.
The Great Big Bug Hunt
The Great British Bug Hunt comprises of 3 pollinator plants and a 48 page beautifully illustrated book filled with games, puzzles, and information about how you can support the wildlife in your garde. It was give to 500 vulnerable people isolating alone during the first Covid19 lockdown to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. It has had great feedback from people who received it, and has now been redesigned for children to learn about biodiversity.
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​We achieve this with your support by reinvesting 100% of our trading profit. The projects raise awareness, inspire, empower and educate those involved, delivering measurable social and environmental impact within the community and the environment.

People are increasingly looking to buy from and work for organisations who take their social responsibility seriously. Most of our projects are newsworthy and get into the news via TV and radio, they enable value led organisations to shine a spotlight on their social and environmental commitment. An exellecnt opportunitiy to impress your customers, engage your employees and support your community. 

Thank you to the following organisations for their support

David Bradley