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Stratford School Sustainability Programme - Tree Planting with Holy Trinity Primary School

We are very pleased to have been joined by Holy Trinity Primary School for the start of the Stratford School Sustainability Programme at the Heart of England Forest.

The Heart of England Forest is a wonderful place for the children to start their sustainability journey offering excellent opportunities to explore wildlife, nature and the environment.

The children took part in a variety of activities throughout the day to understand that planting trees creates wonderful habitats for animals and other living things, and to introduce the idea that by planting trees we are helping to reduce climate change & make the world a better place to live

Activity 1 – Starting at site 1 in groups of 5 the children walked to the wild wood to explore & investigate. Taking part in a bug count survey they used bug pots and field guides to find and classify different invertebrates.

Activity 2 - Whilst having hot chocolate & biscuits the children discussed what trees need to survive and what animals live in these habitats, learning why trees are so important.

Activity 3 - Play - A chance for the children to enjoy the woods realising that forests are good for people, giving them places to play, relax & exercise.

Activity 4 - Learning how trees do the very important job of taking in carbon dioxide from the air through their leaves. This is important because there is too much carbon dioxide in the air we breathe. The children played a game which demonstrates how too much carbon dioxide is causing the earth to heat up and how planting trees will help.

Activity 5 - At Newnham, site 2, the children looked at young trees frown from seeds and got an understanding of root systems and Carbon storage. The children then planted trees with the Rangers.

The children planted over 250 trees in the Heart of England Forest whilst gaining a further understanding of the properties that trees have, and the benefits they provide for animals, humans and the environment.

Thank you to the Heart of England Forest for providing the children with such a fun, informative day. We are looking forward to providing Holy Trinity Primary School with more education about sustainability throughout the rest of the programme.

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